Cell Interface, 12 channel
Cell Interface, 12 channel

Cell Interface, 12 channel

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The NUV100-CI-12 is a single Cell Interface with wiring to monitor up to 12 additional series-connected cells. 

Note: No cables or accessories are included*

Compatible with: This is an add-on and requires one of the following:

  • High-Voltage BMS - Base Kit, 12 channel (NUV100-BASE-12-KIT)
  • High-Voltage BMS - Base modules, 12 channel (NUV100-BASE-12)
  • Low-Voltage BMS - Starter Kit, 12 channel (NUV300-BC-12-KIT)
  • Low-Voltage BMS - Battery Controller, 12 channel (NUV300-BC-12)


  • 1x Cell Interface, 12 Channel, Bulkhead


    *This product may be purchased as a kit which includes modules, cables, and accessories.

    For datasheets, manuals, guides, and other technical resources, please visit:

     Nuvation Energy - Technical Resources

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