Nuvation Energy Low-Voltage BMS

Nuvation Energy’s Low-Voltage BMS is used in environments where power quality and reliability are essential. This UL 1973 Recognized battery management system provides precise battery management and additional layers of safety assurance with features such as open wire detection, smart stack connection and disconnection, and sequential contactor disconnect under load. It also includes a powerful user control software suite that is accessible via web browser.

The Low-Voltage BMS is designed for input voltage of 11–60 V DC. It can manage up to 12 or 16 battery cells in series, and can be expanded to manage additional cells with a Nuvation Energy Cell Interface module.

For parallel stack aggregation, an additional Nuvation Energy Multi-Stack Controller can be included in the ESS (Please contact us for a quote). The Multi-Stack Controller acts as a central control hub that combines all the Low-Voltage BMS modules and enables the stacks to be managed as a unified battery system.

Additional items, like contactors and current shunts, are required to complete the stack solution. They are sold in the Accessories section. Please refer to the product documentation for product selection details.