Low-Voltage BMS - Starter Kit, 12 channel (no CAN)
Low-Voltage BMS - Starter Kit, 12 channel (no CAN)
Low-Voltage BMS - Starter Kit, 12 channel (no CAN)

Low-Voltage BMS - Starter Kit, 12 channel (no CAN)

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Nuvation Energy’s Low-Voltage BMS is a UL 1973 Recognized battery management system that provides precise battery management and additional layers of safety assurance with features such as open wire detection, smart stack connection and disconnection, and sequential contactor disconnect under load. It also includes a powerful user control software suite that is accessible via web browser.

The NUV300-BC-12 enables you to monitor up to 12 series-connected cells. 

Additional 12 channel add-on Cell Interface Kits are available for systems under 60V with more than 12 series-connected cells.

Purchase Options

  • Temperature Sensors - 10kΩ NTC thermistors, pre-wired for temperature measurement of cells or surrounding areas, to the Cell Interface.
    • 2 thermistors
    • 2 thermistors, UL*
    • 7 thermistors, UL*
    • 8 thermistors
  • Contactors
    • 2 coil - Connects up to 2 external contactor coils
    • 3 coil, UL - Connects up to 3 external contactor coils*
    • 4 coil - Connects up to 4 external contactor coils
  • GPIO Connections:
    • 2 in/2 out - Single cable supporting 2 input connections and 2 output connections
    • 4 in/4 out - Single cable supporting 4 input connections and 4 output connections

*These cables are compliant for usage in applications that require UL safety certifications. 

Kit Contents:

  • 1x Low-Voltage BMS - Battery Controller, 12 channel, no CAN
  • 1x Cable, Voltage, Thermistor, CI-12, 300VDC, 1m*
  • 1x Cable, Current Shunt, +V Power, 300VDC, 0.5m
  • 1x Cable, Contactors, -V Power, 300VDC, 0.5m*
  • 1x Cable, GPIO, Control, 300VDC, 1m*
  • 1x Cable, CAT.5e, UTP, Ethernet, 60VDC, 2m

Note: This variant does not support CAN. For variant with CAN-support, please contact us as it has extended lead-times.

*Variant will be based on the Purchase Options selected.

For datasheets, manuals, guides, and other technical resources, please visit:

 Nuvation Energy - Technical Resources

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