Nuvation High-Voltage BMS™ - Base Kit, 12 channel
Nuvation High-Voltage BMS™ - Base Kit, 12 channel

Nuvation High-Voltage BMS™ - Base Kit, 12 channel

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Nuvation High-Voltage BMS™ is designed to manage utility-scale energy storage systems up to 1250 VDC and to meet the external communication requirements of smart grids. This MESA conformant commercial-grade battery management system meets industry-recognized interoperability standards for utility-scale batteries and inverters.

The NUV100-BASE-12 contains modules and module-wiring to enable you to monitor up to 12 series-connected cells.

Additional 12 channel Add-on Kits (NUV100-CI-12-CSK) are available for systems with more than 12 series-connected cells.

Purchase Options

  1. Kit + Support: This purchase option includes the Kit contents below as well as First System Quick Start, Integration and Support. 
  2. Kit: This purchase option only includes the Kit contents below. 

Kit Contents:

  • Modules:
    • 1x Nuvation High-Voltage BMS™ - Stack Controller, DIN Mount
    • 1x Nuvation High-Voltage BMS™ - Power Interface, 1250V, DIN Mount
    • 1x Nuvation High-Voltage BMS™ - Cell Interface, 12 channel, Bulkhead
  • Stack Controller:
    • 1x Nuvation Wire, Stack Bus, 300VDC, 1m
    • 1x Nuvation Wire, CAT.5e, UTP, Ethernet, 2m 
    • 1x Nuvation Wire, GPIO, 4 in, 300VDC, 1m*
    • 1x Nuvation Wire, GPIO, 4 out, 300VDC, 1m*
  • Power Interface:
    • 1x Nuvation Wire, Stack Power, 1250VDC, 2m
    • 1x Nuvation Wire, Current Shunt, 1250VDC, 1m
    • 1x Nuvation Wire, Contactor, 4-Coil, 300VDC, 1m*
    • 1x Nuvation Wire, Interlock, 300VDC
    • 1x Nuvation Wire, External Power, 300VDC, 1m
    • 1x Part, Power Supply, 24VDC 2.5A, DIN Mount*
  • Cell Interface:
    • 1x Nuvation Wire, Battery Cells, 12 channel, 1250VDC, 2m
    • 1x Nuvation Wire, Temperature, 8 sensors, 1250VDC, 2m
    • 1x Nuvation Wire, Link Bus, 300VDC, 1m

    *These items are also available in other configurations and can be purchased separately.


    First System Quick Start, Integration and Support

    (Only included in the Kit + Support purchase option)

    Nuvation Energy provides a range of consulting, design, and system integration services to organizations designing and building energy storage systems. Our clients range from manufacturers of custom battery packs in the kilowatt range to developers of megawatt-scale energy storage systems.

    This service includes email and phone support for the first 30 days after you receive your Nuvation BMS. Our engineers will get you started with integrating Nuvation BMS™ into your Energy Storage System, assist you with BMS troubleshooting the system, and provide training on the BMS.

    Our engineers are available from 9 am to 5 pm (EST), Monday to Friday, excluding Nuvation Energy observed holidays.

    For additional support options, please contact us.


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