Part, Contactor, +400A/-200A, 1500V (without aux)
Part, Contactor, +400A/-200A, 1500V (without aux)

Part, Contactor, +400A/-200A, 1500V (without aux)

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Contactors (sometimes called a relay or solenoid) can switch DC loads at both low and high voltages.

This 400+ Amp Contactor is capable of making rated current in both directions. Breaking rated current is achieved when current flows from A1+ to A2-. The breaking current is derated by 50% for the reverse direction.

Rated Voltage: 1,500V
Coil Voltage (Nominal): 24VDC
Coil Current (Nominal): 0.097A
Operating Temperature: –55°C to 85°C
Mounting: Upright
Auxiliary Contacts: None

For more specifications, please refer to the Datasheet

Note: Resin color on actual product may be either black resin or natural resin.

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