Nuvation Energy G4 High-Voltage BMS Solution

Nuvation Energy’s G4 High-Voltage BMS provides cell- and stack-level control for battery stacks up to 1250 VDC.

A single Stack Switchgear unit manages each stack and connects it to the DC bus of the energy storage system. Cell Interface modules in each stack connect directly to battery cells to measure cell voltages and temperatures and provide cell balancing.

G4 High-Voltage BMS Solution

The UL 1973 Recognized BMS modules in each stack ensure safe battery operation and significantly reduce the effort of pursuing UL 1973 and UL 9540 certification of the energy storage solution.

For parallel stack aggregation, an additional Nuvation Energy Multi-Stack Controller can be included in the ESS (Please contact us for a quote). The Multi-Stack Controller acts as a central control hub that combines all the Stack Switchgear units and enables the stacks to be managed as a unified battery system.