Nuvation Energy G5 BMS

Designed specifically for lithium-ion battery chemistries, Nuvation Energy’s new fifth-generation battery management system supports up to 1500 V DC battery stacks and modules that use cells in the 1.6 V – 4.3 V range.

The G5 BMS offers cutting edge features such as continuous cell balancing and the ability to manage 24 battery cells with each series-connected Cell Interface module. Updates from the G4 BMS also include optimizations that significantly reduce the cost of wiring within the battery stack. The result is an average 25% reduction in the cost per kilowatt-hour footprint of the BMS (over the Nuvation Energy G4 BMS, based on a 1500 V DC energy storage system).

The G5 BMS is UL 1973 Recognized for Functional Safety and CE Compliant.

G5 BMS System Diagram

For parallel stack aggregation, an additional Nuvation Energy Multi-Stack Controller can be included in the ESS (Please contact us for a quote). The Multi-Stack Controller acts as a central control hub that combines all the Stack Switchgear units and enables the stacks to be managed as a unified battery system.