G4 High-Voltage BMS - Base Kit, 12 channel (no CAN)
G4 High-Voltage BMS - Base Kit, 12 channel (no CAN)

G4 High-Voltage BMS - Base Kit, 12 channel (no CAN)

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Nuvation Energy's High-Voltage BMS is designed to manage utility-scale energy storage systems up to 1250 VDC and to meet the external communication requirements of smart grids. This MESA conformant commercial-grade battery management system meets industry-recognized interoperability standards for utility-scale batteries and inverters.

This base kit contains modules and module-wiring to enable you to monitor up to 12 series-connected cells.

Additional 12 channel add-on Cell Interface Kits are available for systems with more than 12 series-connected cells.

Purchase Options

  • Temperature Sensors - 10kΩ NTC thermistors, pre-wired for temperature measurement of cells or surrounding areas, to the Cell Interface.
    • 2 thermistors, UL*
    • 7 thermistors, UL*
  • Contactors
    • 2 coil - Connects up to 2 external contactor coils
    • 3 coil, UL - Connects up to 3 external contactor coils*
    • 4 coil - Connects up to 4 external contactor coils
  • GPIO Connections:
    • 2 in/2 out - Two separate cables. One with 2 input connections and one with 2 output connections
    • 4 in/4 out - Two separate cables. One with 4 input connections and one with 4 output connections

*These cables are compliant for usage in applications that require UL safety certifications. 


    Kit Contents:

    • Modules:
      • 1x High-Voltage BMS - Stack Controller, no CAN, DIN Mount 
      • 1x High-Voltage BMS - Power Interface, 1250V, DIN Mount
      • 1x Cell Interface, 12 channel, Bulkhead
    • Stack Controller:
      • 1x Cable, Stack Bus, 300VDC, 1m
      • 1x Cable, CAT.5e, UTP, Ethernet, 2m 
      • 2x Cable, GPIO, 300VDC, 1m (GPI and GPO)*
    • Power Interface:
      • 1x Cable, Stack Power, 1250VDC, 2m
      • 1x Cable, Current Shunt, 1250VDC, 1m
      • 1x Cable, Contactor, 300VDC, 1m*
      • 1x Cable, Interlock, 300VDC
      • 1x Cable, External Power, 300VDC, 1m
      • 1x Part, Power Supply, 24VDC 2.5A, DIN Mount
    • Cell Interface:
      • 1x Cable, 12 channel, Battery Cells, 1250VDC, 2m
      • 1x Cable, Temperature, 1250VDC, 2m*
      • 1x Cable, Link Bus, 300VDC, 1m

      Please note that this Stack Controller variant does not support CAN. For variant with CAN-support, please contact us as it has extended lead-times.

      *Variant will be based on the Purchase Options selected.

      For datasheets, manuals, guides, and other technical resources, please visit:

       Nuvation Energy - Technical Resources

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