Build your Battery Management System

Cell Details
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What is the cell chemistry?:
What is the minimum cell voltage?:
What is the nominal cell voltage?:
What is the maximum cell voltage?:
Stack Details
How many total
CellsA Cell is the smallest unit of energy storage distinguishable by the battery management system.
(per Stack) will be connected in series?:
How many cells will be connected per
GroupA Group is a set of cells connected in series and managed together.
How many
StacksA Stack comprises one or more groups connected in series.
will be connected in parallel?:
What is the system's full-load current (amps)?:
What is the system's peak current (amps)?:
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ContactorsVirtually all systems require contactors (also called switch) to protect the battery from unsafe conditions.
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How many
ContactorsRecommend two - A Main Contactor (Connected after any pre-charge operation completes) and a Stack Contactor (Connected when either pre-charge or main switch are connected). Both disconnect under fault conditions.
do you need?:
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Pre-charge ContactorA Pre-Charge Contactor is connected during pre-charge operation only. Disconnected under fault condition.
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Current ShuntCurrent measurements are made using current shunts.
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General Details
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