Cable, GPIO, Control
Cable, GPIO, Control

Cable, GPIO, Control

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Purpose: Provides general purpose input and output connections to the Low-Voltage BMS. Also contains dedicated inputs like BMS enable, shutdown, clear faults, and factory reset.

Compatible with: 'J5 Control GPIO' port on:

  • Low-Voltage BMS - Battery Controller, 12 Channel (NUV300-BC-12)
  • Low-Voltage BMS - Battery Controller, 16 Channel (NUV300-BC-16)

Purchasing Options:

  • 2 in / 2 out - Provides 2 general purpose input and 2 general purpose output connections
  • 4 in / 4 out - Provides 4 general purpose input and 4 general purpose output connections

Specifications: 300VDC rated wire

Cable Length: 1.0m


For datasheets, manuals, guides, and other technical resources, please visit:

 Nuvation Energy - Technical Resources

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