Part, Power Supply, 24VDC, 2.5A, DIN Mount

Part, Power Supply, 24VDC, 2.5A, DIN Mount

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For cost-sensitive applications that require a dependable high-quality power supply, this power supply is an ideal choice. 


  • 60W power rating 
  • 24V Output Voltage, 2.5A Output Current
  • Operating temperature range of -25º to +60ºC
  • Dielectric strength: 3kVAC between input and output, 2kVAC between input and earth, 1kVAC between output and earth
  • Double set of DC output terminals (three for the negative) provide easy wiring
  • Universal input capability, 100 to 240 VAC and 90 to 350 VDC
  • Conforms to EN61204-3, EN55011 Class A
  • Improved DIN-rail mounting clip provides a better resistance to vibrations and allows easy installation (using one hand to mount in a flash)

For more specifications, please refer to the Datasheet


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