Cable, G5, Power, Fan, 1m
Cable, G5, Power, Fan, 1m

Cable, G5, Power, Fan, 1m

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Purpose: This cable enables power supplied from an external source to power the G5 Stack Switchgear. This cable also enables the G5 Stack Switchgear to control external fans for cooling the battery cells.

Compatible with: 'Power and Fan' connector port on G5 Stack Switchgear.

Purchasing Options:

  • AC Cable
  • DC Cable

The power source for the fans will be derived from the same power source supplied to the G5 Stack Switchgear. It can be either AC or DC, depending on the fan selection for the system. Please Product Manual for details.

Voltage Rating:

  • For NUVW-B15H03-010: 100 V to 240 V AC 
  • For NUVW-B16H03-010: 24 V DC 

Cable Length: 1.0m

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