Cable, Ethernet

Cable, Ethernet

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For G5 BMS, connects the G5 Stack Switchgear and G5 Cell Interface to each other as well as daisy chaining G5 Cell Interface modules. This cable can also be used to connect the G5 Stack Switchgear to an external system.

For G4 BMS, Connects an external system to the BMS. Allows users to configure the operating parameters, observe the status, automation control, or perform maintenance such as firmware upgrades.

Compatible with:

  • 'Ethernet' and 'Link Out' ports on G5 Stack Switchgear
  • 'Link In' and 'Link Out' ports on G5 Cell Interface
  • 'Ethernet' port on G4 High-Voltage BMS - Stack Controller (NUV100-SC)
  • 'J1 Link Out', 'J2 Ethernet Modbus TCP', 'J3 CAN', and 'J4 RS485/Modbus RTU' ports on:
    • Low-Voltage BMS - Battery Controller, 12 Channel (NUV300-BC-12)
    • Low-Voltage BMS - Battery Controller, 16 Channel (NUV300-BC-16)

Specifications: CAT.5e (UTP), 60VDC rated wire

Cable Length: 2.0m  

For datasheets, manuals, guides, and other technical resources, please visit:

 Nuvation Energy - Technical Resources

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