Cable, G5, GPIO, Control, 2 in/2 out, 1m

Cable, G5, GPIO, Control, 2 in/2 out, 1m

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Purpose: This General Purpose Input/Output cable enables 2 GPI and 2 GPO controls for the G5 Stack Switchgear.

If UVLO is enabled, this cable provides the connection to external dry contact switches or relays (not included) that is used to turn on or turn off the G5 High-Voltage BMS.

This cable provides a Disconnect input, which the G5 Stack Switchgear can be configured to respond fast or follow the normal disconnect sequence.

Please refer to the 'G5 High-Voltage BMS – Product Manual” for more information on the functionality of this cable

Compatible with: 'Control GPIO' connector port on G5 Stack Switchgear.

Cable Length: 1.0 m

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